Geological Services

  • Execution of Drilling Programmes

  • Surface Sampling

    • Soil Sampling
    • Rock Sampling
    • Channel Sampling
    • Stream Sampling
    • Bleg Sampling
    • Trench-Road Cut Sampling

  • Core Sampling

  • RC Sampling

  • Geological Loging

  • Geological Mapping

ATOM BITS Collaboration

"For HardCORE Drillers".

ATOM BITS; With extensive experience and knowledge in manufacturing, geology and drilling, it is aiming to create superior products that outsmber its competitors. Our focus is always on customer support and satisfaction.

Viking impregnation drill series is produced in high quality standards in state-of-the-art laboratory environment with minimum carot loss and maximum performance.

These drill bits have been developed for the drillings that require product consistency and performance under the most severe ground conditions.

SAUDI ARABIA, Lifespan of Other Brands : 53 m. Atom Bits Lifespan : 170 m. Progress Rate is 15% more than other brands.

QUEBEC, Lifespan of Other Brands : 279 m. Atom Bits Lifespan : 291 m. Feed Rate is 20% more than other brands.

PERU, Lifespan of Other Brands : 208 m. Atom Bits Lifespan : 256 m. Feed Rate is 23% more than other brands.

Şİ, Lifespan of Other Brands : 248 m. Atom Bits Lifespan : 350 m. Feed Rate is 16% more than other brands.

NORTHERN ONTARIO, Lifespan is 27% more than other brands and Feed Rate is 15% more than other brands.

NEWFOUNDLEND has a lifespan of 30% compared to other brands and a 35% increased Feed Rate than other brands.

MEKSİKA, 24% more features than Other Brands Used, 8% faster speed of progression