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About us

CoreShack Drilling Equipment

The CoreShack Drilling; was established by a team experienced in geological field studies, mining exploration activities and drilling operations in order to serve the needs of the drilling sector with a sense of responsibility towards the environment and society.

ATOM BITS Collaboration

In addition to the equipment produced domestically, our company also sells ATOM BITS brand diamond drills of Canadian origin to TURKEY.

Your Solution Partner

Our company, which is based on the principles of reliability, affordability and applicability, aims to be a solution partner to you by providing support for the desired work in field operations.

With 24/7 sales and support services, we wish to be not only your supplier, but also your solution partner.


To provide continuity by offering quality economically.


To be the first choice of our customers with respect to human and nature in the light of engineering principles of reliability, economy and applicability.